Sunday, August 29, 2004

today's mood: happy

blocked ear.. ARGH.. perfect pitch affected. school bell, all the songs i listen to, guitar all sounds out of tune.. lol. i've found the source of the prob: my left ear dunno wad lah.. i think got some ear hairs out of shape, i hear some higher pitched sounds abt 5 Hz off their actual pitch.

today in church.. irvin first time leading songs.. well done!! haha. sermon had onli 2 slides: 2 red dots. Psalm 23. nice and simple.

aft church today took 1.5h to buy lunch and come home.. slept aft that. learn 1 chap tingxie then watch tv. this week could be, and probably would be as stressful as last wk, but at least theres wednesday sch hol to study for chinese test.. haha

oh well.. got lotsa homework to do.. been slacking for the last 2 days.. God Bless ur week everybody!!


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