Monday, August 16, 2004

mental fatigue

today's mood: slightly happier

My brain has reached a new point of stability, with me achieving the 1000 word mark in the EOS essay. however, i'm still veri mentally unstable, with other amounts of piling homework. i find myself spewing stuff from my mouth that i shudnt and having a veri short temper.

haha sometimes i wonder if my mood influences the whole class mood. this morning i went to school ultra cranky. today everybody was veri edgy and getting into arguements easily lol. on other days when i'm happy, the class seems to go along wif me... haha.

Today was an Xtra tiring day... wif cross country. so wad if i dint run? going there on a bus wif abt 60 acsi students is gruelling enuf. wads more i was stationed right in the middle of the route doing st johns duty. had to walk 2k there and 2k back. as gd as running the 4.8k. so boring... nobody got injured, although a few people tripped near us, but dint fall. *yawnx* tired. gd nite guyz


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