Wednesday, August 04, 2004


today's mood: landsliding

at times like this, i wish it was the hols. i want more time to practice guitar!!! school work is overloading now. so overloaded that u dun wanna do anything. this isnt the first time. a wink of an eye and itz nearing the end of wk 6 and national day liao. so fast. my mood is jus simply going down. ALL the subjects now have taken a disastrous turn for boredom. so glad theres national day hols next week. my brain has totally shut down.

oh yeah jus thot of something i wanted to write for a veri long time. i think a new level of maturity of a person is reached when he [or she] is able to accept that winning is not everything. the way u play games, and the attitude u have towards life would change greatly. friendly competitiveness is ok, but when u start arguing over the smallest things something is wrong. when u start to have an attitude that winning is nt everything, u will take life easier and have less stress. u will also have a LOT less disappointment when u lose. i myself have experienced this and i write this cos i see a lot of pple going thru this stage.

The onli thing that we shud have a 'winning is everything' attitude to is towards the final prize of eternal rest we will receive on judgement day. we must not let that be snatched from us, ever.


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