Sunday, August 01, 2004

Today's mood: happy

Yay itz been almost 1 wk wif my happy mood. Today was day 2 wif my new guitar. The sound is realli amazing. i played on it for a longer time and now it seems that this one is easier to press than that older Ibanez GA-7. Seldom do u hear a buzzing sound and when u play it in an enclosed area like ur room it resonates the whole room :)

Yesterday's band nite was super pro, [nt counting those high pitched, out of tune (and out of point) clarinet squeaks] their conductor is super cool too. haha during the final piece he even turned around and started conducting the audience. well done to the band pple like yingda, mingxuan, jerel, marcus low and frens.

Today in church. There was a lesson on the first part of James 2 by Charles. it wasnt an easy lesson as it talks abt God choosing the poor to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. i feel that isnt easy for us to take in that lesson as most of us in Singapore are very very well off. but i like the way he puts it: if all the rich pple take this too seriously, it wud be another situation where pple wud reject God. But if we are poor in spirit, and have a desire to learn abt God and feel the need for God, regardless if we are materially rich or poor, we can still go to heaven :)

Today was also the first time i served as Lord Supper i/c. it is nt an easy job!!! had to run around finding pple. that alone is a big challenge. hmmm... actually thats all cos nehe helped me arrange the attendance cards in front [thanx nehe] and a lot of the other stuff was already settled. but running around finding pple is nt easy :P

Some of u might wanna noe why i write abt stuff i do in church. i feel like this is an impt part of my life and itz some of the stuff i dun wanna forget. Happy reading!!! haha~


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