Tuesday, August 10, 2004

MY new hair

Today's mood: above average

Hahaa today i went to cut my hair. u need to see it to believe it, so i wun describe anymore.

Today was another boring day of the national day hols... at least i got some work done, but theres still the other 3/4 of the pile left. tml i going out wif my sch frens [becos of ACS (I) EXTRA holiday (take that RI, SJI, Chinese High, etc)] haha.

i dun believe it!! my precious national day hols that i was looking forward to is more boring than normal school days!!! how cud this be... why is everybody in studying mode?? exams are still miles away... jus found out that there will onli be 3 of us going out to watch movie... lol wad is 3 pple?!? my mood jus took a turn.

2nd update
its now 9:30. spent the last 1.5 hours doing maths article. i've been realli thinking abt life. (as usual) i find that i've been molding my mood to other pples moods. when they feel happy, i feel happy too. when they feel sad, so do i. maybe thats y i can sympathise better with others... haha. Lately i find that i have been in a gd mood... but is it my own gd mood? i feel that i want to become an independent happy person. a person wif his own independent mood, nt swayed by anybody. of course there are gd pts and bad pts abt this. the gd thing is that u wun be sad when everybody's sad. of course it could go the other way, being the onli grumpy person in a cheerful society. haha now i'm sounding a bit stupid.

wad is life realli abt? izzit about trying to find happiness? need answers.

Cant wait for the hols.


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