Wednesday, August 25, 2004

stage 3

mood? dun ask.

ok. remember the days in primary school where u could simply pon a week and still catch up in 1 day? well say gdbye to those days. life in secondary school... especially this ib programme.. u miss 1 day and ur life for the whole term is disrupted. there is almost certainly something everyday... monday there was chem quiz and LA(B) test, tuesday (shud have ponned), today.. theres nothing on in sch but theres mep. nobody pons mep. this is like... the first time i'm gonna miss mep cos i'm sick in 2 yrs. tml theres physics test, and friday is the due date of like.. 4 assignements. OH NO. i forgot to bring my physics textbook home to study. haix.

can't wait for hols *sneeze*


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