Saturday, August 21, 2004


Yesterday's mood: happy

lala internet broke down yesterday. my father jus got it fixed 2dae, so i write in the morn for ytd.

yesterday was a boring day. when it started!!! lolz. during chapel did boring reflections on pod. after that got back a maths.. i got 2nd in class!! haha... abt 7 points behind the top guy -.- next was cmaths with bok hai choo. ultimate lethargy lol. at least the nxt period was slightly more fun- lang arts (A). we were asked to find 1 word to describe ourselves and derive a character trait from wad we said. our next assignment: write an essay that brings out ur frens character. lol guess hu i got paired up wif... brendan!! haha. gd luck david, weihan and paul.

after recess got chem... super fun!! we polluted the earth with some more sulphur dioxide by doing oxidation and reduction tests. destroyed sugar into carbon structures with concentrated sulphuric acid (or smth) then aft that made explosion outside lab (yofattz u almost destroyed shersern's legs!!)

guess wad the last period was: bok hai choo again!!!! LOLZ this time we were hyperactive. she couldnt teach nuts cos we were laughing thruout the whole lesson. somebody somehow managed to make the magnetic duster cling on the the top of the OHP screen.. challenging some vertically challenged teachers... hahaz.

Ahh... life without CCA for a week feels gd.... came back and slept from 3:30 to 6:30 yesterday (atnite couldnt sleep at all haha) then today got the whole morning to watch cartoons cos theres no st johns. :) tonite theres care team meeting and tml theres church and i'm teaching... continue updating tonite.. bye guyz!!


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