Thursday, August 26, 2004

demerit point

today's mood: sad

i may be treating everybody on msn and everybody else very nice today.. but deep inside, i'm realli veri depressed.

i'm not writing this because i am proud of what happened today, but because i dun usually write about stuff i have done wrong and i noe i have done wrong. this entry is to show that my life is nt perfect, and to warn any people hu might follow in my footsteps.

heres wad happened today in a nutshell. the day was going quite happily until after phyisics test. then aft that samson tan, OC of SJAB, came in to see me, and asked for my long overdue walkathon card. (which has no money) so i faked and said i dint bring. i thot it wasnt realli impt cos nobody chased me for it. then suddenly he takes out this yellow form and makes me fill it in. acs pple would noe it as a demerit point form. "if i get ur walkathon card first thing in the morning, i will tear this form up. if nt, i will submit it."

In acs a demerit point is given "at the last straw". it will lower your honours day award by 1 level, so if u get distinction u onli get merit, and if u onli get merit u get nothing. And also leaves an ultra black mark on u.

MY/ a normal person's point of view:
a walkathon card is supposed to collect donations, which means this is sort of like a charity thing. so u are using my honours day award as a threat to get that $30 so that st johns will get a gold award.

Teacher's POV:
i dunno... i dun like ur face? that might be one of the possiblities -.-

Biblical POV:
in short, submit to authorities. so basically all that i have done is wrong, by being defiant.

i noe which of the point of views i shud take, but the conformation of my mindset to the world makes defiance seem "popular". u all may think its fun to 'pontang' trainings, and skip impt stuff, but i warn u, they will come with consequences. all those days where u skipped training will eventually catch up to u. the choice is urs.

about me as a part of st johns, my pride in this cca is completely ruined. i honestly see no point in continuing in membership, except to save my guitar ensemble honours day award. i havent made up my mind whether i will change or not.. although i noe the obvious answer. i need to do a lot of praying.

Everytime I try to fly,

I fall,

Without my wings,

I feel so small


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