Sunday, August 15, 2004

today's mood: neutral

ugh. i've come to one of those points in my life where i am soul searching. ya noe the sort of feeling u get when u've got too much homework and cant do anything and start thinking of the meaning of life? yah that one. itz onli week 8, but for us ib pple we have about exhausted our 1 term (10 weeks) of energy. thats nt all... for ib the deadlines tend to pick up right down to the last day of the term. (last time we had a chinese test on the last day). ib doesnt spare u at all. i dun wanna recite the amt of hw i have this week. itz jus too traumatic.

Today's lesson in church was very interesting... uncle Lee Hock was teaching on idolatry. here are the 7 contemperary idols if i remember correctly:
1. Materialism
2. Activism
3. Individualism
4. Conformism
5. Relativism
7. Religionism

ok i cant remember all of them.. forgot one haha. but wad he said was quite true. dun u jus like the feeling when a speaker hits a 'jackpot' of weakness you have known of in ur life for quite long? haha. Some funny comments: 'spiritual stomachache', 'if Moses and Aaron had handphones, Moses would be reminding Aaron that he was still up on the mountain getting the 10 commandments', 'read within context: i'm going to geylang... to buy durians'.

haha in ppcoc we still crack these lame jokes and laugh at them. oh well i wish all those hu have exams coming up (sec 4s) gd luck and God Bless, and i oso wish my fellow ib mates (as well as myself) gd luck for completing all the piling assignments.. haha. cya guyz!!


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