Friday, August 13, 2004

1st care team meeting ^_^

Today's mood: HaPpY

Heyhey.. jus came back from the 1st care team meeting i attended in my life. 4 pple: irvin, joseph, gareth and me. hahaz. because of me we ended up discussing philosophy for half the time... lol. the other time was spent talking abt other religions and interpretations of the Bible and worship. haha after tonight i feel like changing my arguement abt studying philosophy to USELESS. lolz.

argh feeling sick... haha. been sick for the past month liao.. cant be bothered to see doc cos i can still survive. i dunno y i still go for st johns... i've basically kicked myself out of the committee so there is no point in going.. haha. but i will still go and see wad happens tml. *yawn* gd nite guys!!!


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