Wednesday, August 25, 2004

my first day of mc since the start of this term

today's mood: neutral.

well.. jus wanna blog a bit now cos i suddenly feel a bit down. i dunno why.. jus now when jerel told me that he finished studying bio, and at the same time reading josh's blog it jus hit me. i think i'm jus tired.. losing my character? i dunno.

today has given me a taste of what the hols will feel like. *memories flash across*. it seemed like it was only ytd when it was the june hols. today i spent the whole morning sleeping, and in the afternoon happily jacked my POD essay word count to 1000 words. oh yar i oso sold my piano. called in the afternoon, pple come at night. so fast. yay i did it all by myself. so little was known to my parents that they got suspicious lol.. when my father asked me to do it somemore. 1.2k.. end of yr my father say can buy new guitar :) (so nonsense, jus bought new one then want to buy new one, says u :P )

as my 1 day created holiday comes to an end, i feel sad. haha.. much stress awaits me.. chinese stuff.. essays.. assignements.. dun worri i tell myself.. hols are onli less than 12 weeks away. haha i wanna recall what we do during december hols... make me (maybe u too) a bit more happy. youth camp first wk of december, but even b4 that we will be going out already!!! (after Os and As of course haha) then maybe theres a holiday trip or two, then Christmas holiday, then thanksgiving. each of these events bring back memories so valuable to me. (you all too huh)

feeling much better now.. cant wait for hols :) cya guys


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