Thursday, August 19, 2004

wads wrong with blogspot?

Today's mood: cranky

HAIX. thats the second thing that doesnt work on my com. first i find out the day b4 the due date of my chinese project that my internet explorer cant view chinese websites. now theres some prob wif blogspot. paper is still the most reliable i guess.

ARRRRRRRHGGGHHHH!! i'm realli realli pissed now. i had to ask mingxuan to do my chinese project for me... how disgraceful is that? hu was the idiot hu invented computed chinese characters? if he werent around, i woundt be doing this nonsense.

haix. i bet once i press publish post i bet the website will display me another one of those "Cannot find server" blank pages. well if urreading this now, i have succeeded somehow or another. gd luck to me.


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