Thursday, July 15, 2004

My eyes are dry...

Today's mood: i dun wanna be depressed anymore, so... HAPPY

Lolx i jus stole the com from my sis by standing intimidatingly behind her for 2 mins... HAHA

Was super depressed today... heres the story:
this morning was super depressed... carried on from last nite. i'm sure all of u have met somebody in ur life hu tries to cheer people up by poking fun... on the receiving end itz as gd as pissing u off. today was one of those days. On the bus, theres this bus driver hu has been around for quite long... he greets every single person hu comes on the bus. Everytime. Was thinking abt it... how can somebody be in such a positive mood... doesnt he get rejected? I have my shares of rejections... since i am seldom in a gd mood, there are pple out there jus waiting to destroy it. But it thot y dun give happiness another chance, so tonite i happy. [lol i got such exaggerated mood swings... like romantic style music... Extreme and change frequently... lol]

2nd thing... WAD exactly is the use of a blog?!!?? itz like a scary cross btwn a diary, a personal webpage and an advertisement of ur popularity, in my opinion. wad exactly is its use? it is nt a diary cos i find that i cannot tell 100% of my problems to Mr. Blog because Mr. Blog blabs out all ur secrets to the world through one of the easiest ways, the internet. Therefore even Brendan noes more than my blog. Doesnt that make blog jus a tool to gain popularity? smth to think abt :P


At 6:38 AM, Blogger timmy said...

Agreed. I never did openly publicize my own blog.


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