Friday, July 30, 2004

Today's mood: HaPpY

yay my whole week has been quite gd... been slacking in terms of homework over the past 2 days.  realli need to catch up... got essay on science, pod essay, tingxie [again].  today got guitar, jus came bak.  feeling happy.  now looking for new pop guitar scores.  the accidentally in love score is nt bad... quite accurate.  i wanna learn. 

*sighz* tml.  when i thot i could wake up early, pat soo decides to conduct makeup lessons.  at 8am.  anyways i've become quite satisfied with my life now.  enjoying school and stuff.  i think itz time that i moved on to another level in terms of spiritual level, behaviour, relationships, and of course guitar playing.  most importantly spiritual level.  many of us are guilty of hearing thwe Word, discussing it, thinking abt it, but nt putting it into practice.  i realli need to do that now. 

Where i've typed up to now... i jus now pressed ctrl+z then half the paragraph disappeared instead of correcting a 1 word error.  [lol] theres no button for redo on this blog thing.  anyways, cya guys and God Bless all of u!!! have a great weekend!!!


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