Friday, July 23, 2004

Today's mood: excited

gonna leave for guitar soon... be back onli tonite.  i dunno why but i always have this excessively excited mood b4 concerts. 

Friday.  boring day? hmmm... short? yes. 
ok maybe POD and IHS were boring, and i seriously think thiru has an extreme lack of patience.  Well that's summing up 2dae's subjects in one sentence.. haha

2dae chia bee teck also came to tok to us.  dunno how to describe... this wasnt any ordinary scolding.  drained a lot of my energy to pay attention.  oh wellz... i think i better nt spread too much of wad happened, but she mentioned James 3 abt the tongue.  now itz mentioned in school liao.  we shud try to control our language. 

Oh wellz... my nail polish is still holding my nail together... lol jus that now the tone of my index finger is super funny.  too short liao.  wish me luck guyz!!! have a great wkend!!!~


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