Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Today's mood: actually i think i've been in quite a gd mood during the past few days, jus that i felt phyisically tired (today too)

YAY today no maths investigation to haunt me.  therefore, this habit of sleeping at 11:30 at night MUST go.  I think it wud be wrong to call any school day an 'average' day.  God made us to enjoy every day of our lives altho we dun realli feel that way. 

Today was an average day.  normal dreamy lessons.  Actually i look at my timetable, and anything that isnt a free period or ihs is a burden.  if onli i was a royal character of the medieval period... stay at home whole day jus to learn the art of playing guitar... dream on chen yi. 

today during mep was sitting next to yingda (finally).  for those of u hu dun noe him, he was my best fren last year.  he hasnt changed much, in a dreamy mood during the whole lesson.  i onli have some 'dreamy lapses', where i miss a few words when i am distracted.  yingda is basically semi-distracted during the whole lesson... LOL some small but impt details also cannot remember. 

actually, come to think of it, staying at home to play guitar the whole day is quite a sad job.  rather come to school where there are frens.  nt forgetting church.  but somehow, it seems slightly more difficult to talk to and communicate with church frens during school term.  maybe its the lack of stuff to talk abt.  i nt a soccer fan so that eliminates a big portion of stuff i can talk abt.  how's school gives u 1 word answers.  hope i find a way to change it... chao for now~

Brendan's advice of the day: sleeping early improves ur complexion.  sleep early. 


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