Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Today's mood: down then happy then slightly pissed. 
Today in school was BORRRRRING.  Turns out i wasnt the onli one wif a brain on sight reading mode... nt many other pple bothered to learn tingxie properly.  right.  double LA(B), double chinese, recess, double a maths, double ihs.  then more trigo in c maths.  [snore]
guitar class in aft... 1 month and no new pieces learned.  terrible.  now Mr Choo tells me i have a competitor... a sec 1 guy hu learned 3 grade 4 pieces in 1 wk.  :'(  On the long bus ride home, i was thinking abt my life -.- anyways... i was wondering if i was juggling my life properly.  was this the life i always wanted to live? wad are the balls i'm realli juggling now? my sanity is still one of them phew... guitar? going down :(  studies? i think it is still in the air cos it's taking up so much time, but itz as gd as on the pavement.  spiritual life?
haix.  but then Irvin called to ask if i could make it for a care team meeting.  liddat i happy liao.  so glad this stuff is starting again.  hehe i so easy happy in these ways.  jus a 2 minute call. 
Pissed off? i wish i had 2 coms so that i dint have to battle my way into my blog account.  :P


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