Monday, July 12, 2004

Day 2 lala~

Today's mood: Exhausted after learning ting xie [haix like i'll remember anything]
Today's problems:

Morning assembly at chapel. Speaker was good, but i feel that he didnt realli have the ability to relate to our age. Everybody i asked if they understood his lesson told me no. I think he used too many Biblical principles without explaining how to apply them to our daily life.
Sometimes i feel that teenagers in Singapore have different needs from teenagers overseas. Went to a Christian bkstore yesterday... couldnt find some realli realli relevant devotion books. Either they sound too ang moh slangish, or they contain jokes that insult ur intelligence. i probably can learn more from toking to friends.

AFtn guitar lesson. realised how difficult it is to juggle my life. 3rd week i told Mr Choo i had no time to practice liao. But its true!!! altho mondays i'm free, tuesday i have guitar class (my actual day this wk special), wed = mep, thurs = tuition x2, friday = guitar ensemble, sat = CCa until 3++. Sunday church. That leaves monday. currently my homework is in check, church is in check, ensemble pieces are in check. going down the drain is chinese [has always been this way :P], guitar practice :O, Grade 6 theory homework. Life in singapore realli nt easy.

lala mental bloc liao~~ tml continue writing... gd nite blog!!


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