Monday, July 26, 2004

Guitar politics

Today's mood: exhausted from studying chinese [taking a break now]

Well, the results are out.  Congratulations to our new President Lim Jun Jie, Vice president Timothy Chan and Concert Master Edwin Teo.  Good luck leading the ensemble to the SYF next year. 

bleah theres so much homework.  i jus wanna slo down and think abt stuff.  still got 1 more chapter of chinese to study and another whole pile of homework to complete.  but jus now i was playing guitar.  finally learned a bit of a new piece since ages.  the prob is that an object in motion stays in motion until another opposing force stops it.  in other words i'm mildly addicted.  jus wanna practice more.  i think itz time to change music.  time to edit blogskin!! bye for now~


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