Tuesday, July 13, 2004

X ray

Today's mood: above average

I think wad david said is true... my postings would get shorter and shorter due to lack of time (and interest). 2dae nth much happened... went to SGH to do Xray of my back cos i have Scholiosis [dunno how to spell](curvature of the spine)... if u wanna noe how they do it, they jus make u press against a board, hold ur breath and click its done. So much for $14. after i went back to show the Xray pic to the doctor doctor say situation veri mild dun need to worry -.-

Tml oral... dunno how to study. quite scared... dunno wad will come out. onli thing i confident to say is my name and index no. [lolx]


At 6:41 AM, Blogger timmy said...

warh laos you lucky sia..
my back curve 31 degrees need to wear brace liaoz..


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