Saturday, July 24, 2004

Today's mood: neutral, then pissed, then excited

saturday morning.  woke up at 10 lol.  later must go UYO awards presentation rehearsal at 12.  brendan says it wud end at 4 and might drag.  sigh.  i need to report to guitar at 5.  perform again.  thats y i am going to be pissed, then excited. 

last nights performance... jus weird i guess.  after first song, conductor walk out... then light bulb explode.  haha.... dint fail to destroy my nervous mood tho.  messed  up the rhythm for my 10s solo... but everybody is telling me its ok cos theres no rhythm involved cos itz rubato [freedom of time] haha.  sorry musically ignorant pple -.-

oh wellz... dreading the uyo rehearsal... leaving soon.  cya guys!!!


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