Thursday, July 29, 2004

Today's mood: happy

ergh jus got the com... 10 already!! dunno y but on thurs my schedule is totally pushed later becos of 2 tuitions until 8.  dunno y but my mom decides to play virtual cards until jus now.  ok down to my pod essay. 

Today was an average day.  thats if u add up all the +ve and -ve intense moments.  day started average until dharma totally turned my mood down with one of her 'synergy' talks.  i mean like... do u have to waste an entire period talking to us abt being supportive of ur class frens? i mean like... the debate pple told me they also nt realli lookin forward to the debate [right?]  i mean like.. i bet our class is nt so bad lah.  if all the teachers are saying that we are weird that makes us a cute class rite... anyway we are the mugging type.  look at our subjects: physics, chem, a maths, geog, mep... anyway, even after wad i discussed wif brendan abt wad we are doing now in sch is wad any of us wud have ever wanted, after that period i said: i hate school. 

After recess and double [snore] physics, ironically we had a mini debate in class.  cant remember the topic, but it was FuN.  hu says we have no class synergy.  everybody was contributing enthusiastically.  TAKE THAT DHARMA. 

Fine let dharma drag her feet into our class tml.  but dun let her destroy our 3.15's special class spirit.  ~


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