Saturday, July 31, 2004

my new guitar

Today's mood: HAPPY^10

YAY!!! today finally got a new guitar. Antonio Sanchez N 1030. Ebony fingerboard, gold plated machine heads. Solid cedar or spuce top, solid rosewood back and sides, glossy polyurethane finish. Price? so wad if itz 8 times of the price of the guitar i had before... itz tone and resonance is 10 times as good!! haha *smiles*

Of course, i wont be bringing it out of the house so soon... scared knock here knock there... i will still be keeping it at home except if i want to use it for exams. LOL u shud have heard my mom scream when she heard the price. anyways i cant thank my dad enuf. when i go shopping wif him, anything is possible. first 2 guitars i tried i nt realli satisfied. 3rd also nt realli. by then the price is like... 1300 already. then along came this one. it sort of combines the resonance of the 3rd one with the nice tone of the 2nd one. haha i thought my father for sure wouldnt buy it, but once he saw my face he knew i liked it. amazing. Thanx dad!!!

tonite i gonna watch da band concert featuring yingda, moli and jerel. hope its gd. dunno hu to go with... brendan dint wanna come. oh wellz that leaves yofattz. gd luck to me. gdbye for now. tml's church and i hope i finish some work by today, if nt tml will be a busy day... haha. cya guys!!!


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