Sunday, July 11, 2004

My first try at a blog

My purpose of creating this blog is so that people can understand my problems and see how i communicate and solve many of my life's difficulties. [wah i sound so mechanical]

Today's mood: neutral
Today's problem:
Over the june hols i realli got veri close to my church friends, so much that some of my frens even got angry with me when i couldnt show up for project work meetings. [hehe] I think wad Irvin mentioned abt spiritual highs during the hols and "lower levels" during the school terms is very true.

Sometimes i feel myself drifting away from my church friends. Even though most of the time there is somebody who i can tok to from church, i sometimes feel this lapse of time where nobody seems to talk to me. I am the sort of pple hu when got nobody to tok to will feel veri veri left out. Today's lesson by Uncle Cher Yam really spoke to me. God waits until the very end when you are in a state of panic before he steps in and 'saves you'. For example, Elijah waited until the river ran dry(as in absolutely dry) before God gave him the next instruction. God waited until the final moment when Job was stripped of everything he had before God stepped in again. When sometimes i feel that my church friends have absolutely given up on me, God 'gives them back' to me, and they never fail to comfort me [thanx guys!!!]

I experienced this sort of testing a number of times... the thursdays that homework seems so pressing and stressful to be handed up on fridays... i would jus break down and go to bed without touching it because it was so much. I felt like a very weak person for not being able to do the homework.
But heyhey the next day the teacher dint collect anything.

My point today is that God sometimes cuts off his connections with us for a period of time to test us and see if we give in. This teaches us patience and for us to trust in him no matter what happens :) [phew]


At 9:13 PM, Blogger timmy said...

haha you don't have to write until like writing POD essay lar.. i didn't know you were so attached to your church.. (now i do =D)

At 9:27 PM, Blogger Joshua said...

heyhey... nice blog... great posts... haha...


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