Sunday, July 18, 2004

Yay end of week 3... 7 more weeks to hols and 10 more weeks to exams.  -.- 
Reality of school has finally set in to the max.  Nowadays i seldom see more than 6 people online from church, and we dun go out as much :(  This week is really gonna be the busiest week of the term so far.  Kaleidoscope concert is on Friday and Saturday... small group piece i nt done and i'm still messing up my pieces boohoo.  I'm also supposed to teach Bible class next week.  I hope i can still make it. 
Today's church lessons:  can't realli remember anything... i hope i am nt drawing away from God.  There were a lot of definitions in the lessons today.  Nicholas lesson as well as the sermon by Uncle Lee Hock (oh btw uncle is nt a biblical term... jus chinese way of respect... haha).  During BROTHER Lee Hock's sermon, me and Irvin were laming each other [hehe].  One of the emphasised points was
"Do not fret"...
as in do not worry or fear.  HAHA but i think u noe wad i was thinking.... so in guitar terms, that means Barring ur frets... LOLZ -.-  But even so, the rest of the lesson was abt worrying.  Heres wad i remember: onli 8% of wad we worry abt is stuff that is real.  the rest is spent on stuff that wouldnt happen, or already happened.  So we shud give that 8% of worrying into Jesus' hands for him to help us with it. 
Another thing i remember is the signs of weariness... As the first 3 points clicked out on the powerpoint slide, it started illustrating more and more the signs of SCHOOL... hahaz.  Finally, Matthew 11:28. 
blah.... now doing language arts reflections... realli dunno wad to write.  honestly i learned nth abt shakespeare but how to put it down?? oh wellz... waiting for brendan to come online, but he prob wont... 8:45 liao.  nvm if he come online maybe i might update again.  If not, i hope that God will bless everybody's week!


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