Sunday, July 25, 2004

One Thing

Today's mood: mixed up

What a day.  lets start in chronological order.  POD essay time
I attended 8am worship today.  Sermon was nice and to the point.  our faith can be based on One Thing alone: Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he died on the cross for our sins so that we may have eternal life. 

11am.  teaching Timothy class consisting of P4 - 6 guys.  absolutely not an easy batch.  that is the age where ur neither in the teenage clothes section or the childrens clothes section.  but thats beside the point.  HAIX.  heres the story in a nutshell: i was supposed to teach resourcefulness from that character building series pt 2 but i think it isnt realli relevant to that age grp.  basically i thot of the activity where u are supposed to use straws to build as tall a tower as possible.  it works wif youth, but wif these pple, it becomes a massive cheating, tantrum throwing, ripping down other pples towers session.  In church.  haix...  they are so difficult to control.  anyways wad i did was, after calming everybody down, i taught them a lesson abt sportsmanship and fair play.  On several occasions, the teacher for MEP always awards me extra marks that i shouldnt get.  Every time i gave them back, cos i dun feel gd if i keep those marks as i am nt being fair to my frens, and u dun get a sense of satisfaction.  similarly wif the tower building.  cant remember wad else i said, but i think after they settled down they became a more mature grp of pple :) hope it lasts.  They still have much to learn like me back when i was in primary school. 

Another thing abt me is that i think my character has improves so well that i cant find a tone of voice to scold pple lol.  thats y i had probs controlling them haha. 

haix.  now i am in a mood where i dun have any specific purpose in my life.  itz that type of time where u cannot do work until ur brain reshuffles itself and puts itself back in order.  sometimes i use days of my life to benchmark my targets, like last 2 day's kaleidoscope concert.  i use that target to work myself and set my focus.  but now that that is over, i need to search for a new one.  maybe national day hols... haha.  i always look forward to hols.  thats when i have the most freedom, and also thats when my frens also have the most freedom and we can go bak to doing stuff together.  even now on msn got nth much to tok abt... jus hi here hi there... hows sch blahblah.  when we come to church, we jus wanna catch up wif our own clique of frens, and are nt adventurous enuf to sit and talk wif other pple we are nt familiar wif.  thats why i like hols :P

oh wellz... [haha i always go "oh wellz..."] i think i could be adding one more entry to my blog today cos the day is nt completely over.  anyways i hope everybody will have a great wk ahead!! gd luck to ACSi concert band for sat.  BYEZ!!!


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