Sunday, May 08, 2005

i dunno.. im starting to think that life is just a bundle of feelings.. and feelings are caused by some weird flow of tides in the brain.. u cannot feel happy for more than a certain period of time.. u will jus suffer from withdrawal symptoms eventually. i was feeling perfectly in control of my studies on friday nite.. with quite a bit of chem done. i woke up saturday morning and after chinese tuition at 1:00 it basically went downhill from there.

everytime i get that 'feeling' of withdrawal, i jus cant study, or nothing goes in. and now its pushed me to this point. i am sitting here at 9:30 the day b4 mep exam, given up on prokofiev's life and more or less given up on chinese and wondering why i slept so much ytd. issit all caused by tidal waves of sadness and depression in my brain? y cant we humans study like machines and ace all exams?


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