Tuesday, May 24, 2005

and you thot hyatt was some slack hotel.

k lah.. my brain is so dead tt i think i shall go thru the day in chronological sequence and see wad comes to my mind.

i was super anxious this morning and ytd nite. i ate breakfast at home and was wondering how on earth i'd stomach lunch wif all my anxiety. 9:15 arrive outside the hotel in my shirt and long black pants, wif those crazy shiny shoes i always wear. wait until 9:20 and the 10 of us go in. we get stuck at security for quite long cos we need to produce ics and stuff which some pple forgot to bring. aft tt we go to the human resource room, then to a function room for orientation, from 9:40 - 11:20. basically this lady, Gwen, lectures us abt the history of hyatt, the products and services of hyatt, owners, grooming, blah, blah blah and blah. i dunno.. but for me its a bit unbearable on the brain.

okay, nxt we go get our uniforms. u may think tt a renowned has a gd supply of uniforms but actually nt realli. the uniforms look like they've been used for more than 5 yrs and some of the pockets are sown up so u cant put stuff in them lolol. anyway, after 1/2h we get our uniforms (and a bit of disappointment tt we wear until so nice to the hotel for nth) we go back to the room to stone for 1h cos our bell manager mr jed jiang (as u can see hes chinese) was veri busy (or forgot abt us). at 1pm, the security guard asks us to go for lunch first. oh and lunch is served by scanning ur ic so tt u can get rice + 1 meat + 1 veg + 1 side. the food there is ahem oily.. its realli realli farnie how the guests are treated so well but inside its nt the same wif the employees.

ok. at 2pm++ mr jiang finally appears and takes us to his office, where he lets us read this brochure and says he will test us aft 30mins (mugging) cos he has smth to attend to. then at 2:40 some informal briefing for the day takes place where the staff is briefed on vips arriving in the next few days. haha.. the lady describes the customers quite funny.. 'this guy ar.. his patience level is like that' and makes a 2cm gap btwn a her fingers. and the employees are all super funny.. the office workers scold each other, and the senior bell boys (or rather bell-dudes).. haha in the middle of the meeting they start doing farnie stuff like koping my notepad paper. haha.. our teacher told us nt to kope anything.. but yuengi morris aaron and thang koped the pen.. and they were worried.. but end up mr jiang gave us pens and notepads instead.

aft tt he took us up to 16th floor.. some suite. we sit down at a table and he gives us F&B details (moremugging) explain for quite long, ask any qns, and we ask him wad exactly wad we're supposed to do.. cos the whole day they nvr tell us. lolz. aft tt he shows us arnd a bit and lets us go. at 6. we rush off to ib talk and arrive 45mins late. compared to all tt hyatt propaganda, ib talk sounds like music to my ears.

other stuff. the pple hu work there are realli serious, but can be quit efun. the laundry pple there are realli friendly. haha. dun u jus like nice pple. ok. but the staff area tt is hidden away from the outside is realli... confusing. wherever theres space they jus build a corridor for easier accessibility. we almost got lost while trying to find out way out!! lolol. we labeled it 'the dungeons'.

yea.. tts abt it.. im super tired now. and we're supposed to memorise the opening and closing ours of outlets and BLAH. i think i jus copy it onto my notepad and when someone asks i jus refer. lolz. anyway, my hp will be off during work.. nt allowed to turn on. jus FYI.


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