Wednesday, May 11, 2005


physics was pretty ok.. got that wholesome feeling after i finished the paper.. altho there was time constraint (i had 15mins to finish section C) i still managed to get thru it yay. but still.. the mcq is super tricksy.. u dun have time to stop and think for 5 mins over 1 qn.. i jus whack one answer and shade. ahh well.

im starting to think that all maths papers all want you to choose which questions u can do and do them onli.. and leave the rest of them blank. if onli hor. this was the 4th paper tt i was rushing to finish.. and 2nd paper tt i cudnt. all the qns i seen b4 somewhere.. but jus cud nt remember how to do it. so sad.

anyways, 1 more day, 1 more paper. chemie.


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