Wednesday, May 04, 2005

mep prac.

capricho: first 3 notes are 7th fret harmonics, followed by running descending notes.
2nd set of 3 notes are 7th fret harmonics, but out of my nervousness i played 6th fret harmonics, super clear, super high pitched. sorry lah my guitar has no dots... and at least i dint scrunch up my face.. maybe ms ng may not have noticed lol.

koyunbaba: ms ng was laffing at how long i took to tune. okay lah.. i used tuner for first 3 strings and hearing for the bass strings.. maybe its jus not a gd method lol. im supposed to tune all by hearing but heck. after i finished tuning ms ng toked to me abt the piece and transcription for abt 1 minute.. then i started playing. when i heard the first 5 notes i could seriously hear my guitar was out of tune.. cos of the air con. LOL.

anyway, i have yet to play a 100% exam piece. i can like.. dream on lol. maybe someday...


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