Tuesday, May 10, 2005

hi again.

today. core maths. they gave us abt 4h of study time b4 tt and i spent abt 2h of it practicisng qns. then comes the paper.. i basically left half the paper blank.. came out from it shivering.. but i had some weird feeling tt i did my best.. but still screwed it.. so.. aiyah heck lah. there are seriously no guarantees.. i cant keep expecting some magical moderation to occur to pull my marks up to an A1..

anyway.. house upstairs was having some renovating works.. tried to sleep jus now but cudnt.. so now im cao ji groggy.. but still feel fine surprisingly. why cant they like.. make machinery that produces noise more musical.. dun u think tt will be cool.. instead of pissing pple off the day b4 the exams.. i mean God's temple was built without any noise.. ahh well. tts life i guess.

ad maths.physics.chem

2 days.


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