Tuesday, May 03, 2005

sitting here at 11pm the day b4 mep prac.

this year mep is more of a 'aiyah wadeva' and 'fail already' subject.. modern music is realli too much. anyways, this year i oso dint have to like.. stress myself so much over mep practical.. cos i got pieces long enuf ready long b4 the exam. im jus listening to some recordings now to gain wadeva inspiration i can.

and btw, ALWAYS send in ur electronic products warranty card. ive had 2 bad experiences already. one wif a $99 item, and more recently a $830 item. haiz. i feel realli dumb.. haiz. pple jus tend to try to do things once once the thing is spoilt.. by then too late already.. warranty card must be submitted within 2 wks of purchase...

ok wadeva.. nows nt the time to think abt it. nows the time to sleep. cya.


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