Thursday, May 26, 2005

it takes a while to realise tt we do not belong in this world.

the reality of work is setting in. u expect everybody to be like wad the ten 'touches of hyatt' are.. but in actual fact everybody is far from that. hyatt, like any sch, workplace, or any community consists of the usual variety of pple. im also suddenly hearing a lot more swear words. ytd and the day b4 we onli noticed the nicer side of the pple. today the nice pple are still nice, but there are some nt so nice pple, most of their characters ive encountered b4. sadly the nice pple hav defects (erm duh). the morning shift bell desk workers are realli nice.. will tell us if u need break then just ask.. and also quite frenly. too bad about everybody there smokes, and all of them are complaining to each other, sometimes to me abt stuff they dun like... like the boss, pple hu dun noe they need to queue for a taxi, the taxi drivers hu keep walking in and out, the pple hu cant find the ironing board in the room, and walk all the way down to complain when theres a fone..... sometimes its so difficult nt to be influenced by pple.. must u hate smth? i haven said 'i hate' for a veri long time. and i dun intend to use it on anybody except the devil.

towards the afternoon shift, there are new pple from there, and they are slightly more harsh.. quite expected for pple hu work tt late lol. and i also started developing a bit of problem undertanding malay accent.. i need to ask twice b4 i can comprehend wad they are saying (about all the bellboys are either malay or indian). anyway, toward the afternoon i felt like i was starting to screw up everything.. yeah.

anyway some interesting things tt happened today:
saw this old man running without his top, onli in shorts, he had white hair.. but his muscles were like.. more distinct than ziqiang's!! lol.
i finally managed to give somebody essential information he needed. he wanted to noe how to get to marks and spencer.. and i knew how!! cos i take bus home from behind wheelock place. :)))))
this senior bellboy hu was showing us around.. he entered a room and he started wif 'now i hav a chance to explain you.' and i was like.. oh tts so venu man! lolol. haha.. he was having trouble wif the wireless keyboard which is connected to the tv internet. hotels are getting too high tech.

ok tts abt all.. my legs are super tired from stnading now. and dun underestimate the amount of stuff pple put in their luggage bags.


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