Sunday, May 01, 2005

hmm.. the saga is nt over yet.. all is nt well.. lolol.

the guitarists seem like the bunch of most sore people among all the performing arts grps.. yeah lah band and cpac wun be sad.. i doubt choir wud be either.. maybe drama a bit disappointed... chamber definitely disappointed but fattz and cheong seem over it already.. but 2 whole days after 280405...

today i chatted wif my guitar teacher for the longest time on handphone.. lolol.. discussing syf. found out tt.. in jc category, there were 4 silvers, 1 gold and 1 gwh if im nt wrong.. if there realli are 6 jcs.. but the thing im sure of is the sole gwh recepient temasek junior college, and tampines jc got gold.. conducted by mr choo.... acjc got silver.. and yah. hmm.

i heard theres lots of controversies.. temasek jc is conducted by none other than our acsgo's old fren thomas liauw... our conductor in sec 1 hu pangsehed our performance. i heard wad.. they used a lot of percussion.. first part notes so soft tt u cant hear.. then at the end percussion drown out guitars. thomas liauw is also related to ntu in some way.. and there were also ntu judges on the panel.. *raises eyebrow*. mr choo says that yes they are of gold standard but gwh? hmm..

anyway, ive been looking back on our performance.. and u cant realli say its a clear gwh victory.. i think we need to sound like a recording or smth to get gwh.. our sevilla was a bit rushed.. and maybe we arent natural enuf.. maybe we were trying too hard (much like the other schools) too many retard things.. like putting leg on chair to play.. okay our swaying wasnt as exaggerated as other groups.. maybe our expression was a bit constipated.. I DUNNO.

well.. there isnt realli any established guitar ensemble standard.. i think its time we go see nus guitar ensemble concert again... we need a standard. maybe we wun follow the japs.. too exaggerated. but nxt syf goal: RECORDING.

mr president and ms ng, pls dun be sad.


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