Friday, May 27, 2005

wahh.. jus woke up from my 2h nap.. ergh. singapore climate too hot liao.

today was better.. got more stuff to do.. and im the record holder for tips so far.. $7!!!!! lol. k lah.. a bit of stuff abt wad i did today.. i delivered some newspapers and faxes in teh morning.. one of the faxes cudnt fit under the door.. so i whacked the bell.. the guy was in.. so i gave it to him. turns out he was checking out.. so he asked me to bring his bags down for him.. i answered wif much hesitation.. but he gave me $2. so i lugged one trolley bag and the other handcarry bag down. handcarry so i thot. tt bag had wheels.. i found out when he walked out.. i had carried it by hand all the way down -.0

i managed to get the $5 from this grp of pple.. i was told to get a trolley and follow this guest up to the ballroom to get 4 boxes and come down again. i tell u trolleys are nt made for escalators.. goign up bad enuf.. i dropped one of the boxes when i was coming down.. lolz. got 2 escalators somemore. k lah so u can imagine. made me follow them into the car park.. somehow i think the trolley nt supposed to go there too.. lol. but anyway got tip :P

besides tt today i was asked to follow a senior bellboy to make a room change. well altho its jus moving bag from one room to another its more interesting than standing at the door. i tell u we realli cherish the moments when we get to do anything but stand at the door.

yea.. tts abt it.. tml my off day.. got chinese tuition. i think im goign back to sleep now. cya


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