Sunday, May 15, 2005

ok all u despo blog readers hu dun even update ur own blogs. yes tts u. :P

chem was okay.. got 21/25 for my mcq!! yay. friday totally rocked.. jamming in class lolol. except for that small telling off by soo.

ytd went shopping wif fattz for brendans bday present. haha.. the way i shop is kinda bogus for a guy i think.. first i went to plaza sing by bus, (almost got recruited for modelling) then to peninsula plaza by train, then to bras basah complex by walking. i walked practically the entire plaza sing to buy some super plain thing u can find anywhere for brendan.. haha but hope u like it. fattz also chipped in so cud buy bigger ticket item. heheh.

nxt to breadtalk, then to peninsula (1 stop from dohby to cityhall) went to davis to buy my classical strings and a cloth, and got turned down by them wheni asked to try their 12 string o.O after tt went to this shop called Maestro nxt to davis. they specialise in acoustic and classical guitars. tried one of their 1.8k Alhambra guitars.. they such nice pple lah. added myself to their mailing list. i even got a card. the alhambra was ok i guess.. at least the 15 fret works.. nt like mine -.- the guitar sound nice and bright, but of cos im looking for something more powerful.. to buy in like 5 yrs time.

walked abt 10mins to brasbasah and went to sweelee to see yofattz fretless bass (of cos nt made by yofattz, nor is it an artist model). still has dotz to show positions haha. yea.. saturday was basically spent shopping.

today went church and here i am, fingers sorta exhausted after practising guit. and now im leaving, to sleep. cya.


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