Monday, May 23, 2005


the weekend was okay.. had chinese tuition and slacking on saturday.. then ytd had church and tried to teach my fren how to play guitar.. nt bad la.. he learnt Em, C, G and D, as well as c major scale, all in one night. hahah.

today was guitar lesson in the morning.. quite okay.. cos i crashed coursed my 3 grade 7 pieces.. learn all in 1 week. tt reminds me.. i need to print out the scales for grade 7. yup. and also got the koyunbaba 2nd mvt score. its quite short.. managed to read thru it within an hour jus now.

i feel super lethargic man. must be tt bogus long nap i took in the afternoon. and tml is going to be the first day of work!! ahhh!! anxiety lolz. i don hav any of the pple hu are working wif me phone numbers. and all they specified abt the work attire was 'black leather shoes'.

ahh well. tts all i guess. still got tt inertia to do smth...

short hair for the hols.


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