Monday, June 05, 2006

so much to say, yet so little time.

i really really really wish we cud go back to the days in sec sch, where it was still all guys and so much simpler (both in terms of friendships and academic competition.. lol). anyways, great to hear from mx and yingda again.. and acjc is such a scandalous place. haiyoh. even the band conductor takes part. lol. makes me feel thankful im in acsi where its not so bad.. i guess haha. the days when we studied together in the same class.. or in the same mep class.. i'll miss those days haha. yup anyways we are still in the same acs body of schs so the culture wun be that different.. well, take care mx and yingda. enjoy ur band life!!

gonna start to prepare for church camp tonight and tml.. got lots and lots of stuff to do!! yeap. kk cya.


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