Tuesday, June 20, 2006

guit camp from tml to fri.

well so thats the end of my hols. decided not to do any work tonight (besides touching up that ee abstract to be submitted to mrs li one year early.. abstracts are supposed to be written at the end of the ee) guit camp will be interesting.. cos its an exchange with plmgs guitar. but they arent veri gd.. heard what.. their highest is someone with grade 4 piano. but the interesting part will be to see how the guys interact. perhaps we will see them actively practising for once.

ms ng dint allow us year 5s to skip staying over. cos she needed some 'older ones to be around'. so that means whatever last minute holiday studying will be during the camp. so im off.. 3 full days at sch.

i shall spend sat and sun not doing any work either.. i prob will need to rest after the camp.

oh yeah.. and my guit teacher said that my baroque guitar concerto sounded a bit spanish here and there.. maybe its inevitable hahahah.


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