Monday, June 19, 2006

just had a really long guitar lesson at my hse just now.. one of the rare occasions haha.

guitar lesson has kinda evolved over the years.. a traditional piano lesson used to be what.. warm up, scales, pieces, sight reading, aural, theory.. etc. but now lesson is almost like a discussion of ideas. only played 2 pieces tonight haha. cos i dint feel anything else was worthy or needed to be played.

talked about many things.. all the funny funny things that happen during his ensemble practices, all the funny things that happened in the mep concert hearing..

also discussed once again the future.. haha mr choo makes the LTCL seem really far away.. maybe it is. he says all the pieces all siao siao one.. and mr gaspar's Licentiate is in teaching.. not performing.. that means i noe of only one other person who COULD have the LTCL.

people quit jobs, take an entire week off, just to practice and get ready for the exam.

and me.. want to take it just 6 months after my ATCL.. and when all the internal assessments are due some more.. siao ah..

but it wudnt hurt to dream big right.. and do my best to have the practice to support my dream.. after all even if i dun make it in time.. i'll still be one crazy player.

thoughts and more thoughts. i shall do my best in these 2 years for exams and what.. then after IB is over i can let God lead me to the next phase of my life. but even thru all.. the passion will remain alive.


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