Tuesday, June 27, 2006

2nd day of sch and im sick. how pro.

actually onli started off with slight irritation ytd during sch and i think i forgot to use the nasal steriods on my nose in the morning.. so last night when i was sleeping (or rather trying to sleep) the whole thing ballooned and now i have terrible terrible terrible sore throat. gah. today there was supposed to be 2h 40 worth of physics.. the thought of the amount they covered scares me. lolol.

just had guit class.. normal. i guess. lol played with my guitar teacher's 7k guitar just now.. super ownage lah. he says i can use it for my exam but see how. its like 2 times louder (which is a lot) and slightly more playable than my 1.7 (duh). i need good strings to bring out the max in my own guitar. his one the strings rust until need to change and its still so ownage. ahh well. it costs 4 times more.

my piano teacher suddenly message me that i got piano class later at 6:45.. i have a good mind to stop lessons already. buay tahan.

tonight will attempt to study no matter how groggy i may be. if tonight i dun sleep well again, im gonna use my 2nd day mc haha. in the middle of the night i was telling myself.. still can go to sch. at arnd 5:30am i told myself 'NO' already.. too sick. k then. still awaiting updates on homework and catchup. cya.


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