Friday, June 16, 2006

just came back from mep concert hearing.. was quite ok. me shane and joshua lim just got together to practice ytd then today b4 goign practice somemore.. so not bad.. can play through the piece in just 2 days. lol.

well our coordination as expected was kinda off.. but it looked like our mini audience (fellow performers) cudnt pick out the mistakes. in coordination that is. yah but besides the few guitar ignorant comments, they gave us good pointers.. like how to practice and how our parts link together. yup. also watched other 3 other groups of pple perform.. one crazy piano duet by 2 rgs girls, one duet from a musical, and one cant remember piano perf from someone from mg. yup was quite interesting.

and that leaves me with less than one wk of hols. woohoo.


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