Monday, June 12, 2006

ahhh!! withdrawallllll.

i so DONT feel like doing work. just finished a leftover swt from last term this morning.. and my MI which i write until vomit blood.. and i dunno where to start studying mannn. physics and maths is all over the place, econs is not over the place but dun feel like studying.. english and chinese not much to study :) and music.. still in the process of completing homework. at least its just compo II left. i want to get it done quickly, but yet i dont want to force it out.

gotta go to sch this wk on wed for physics rem.. i wonder if mr edwin wong even remembers. or whether all 6 pple from our physics class wud turn up or not. then theres dunno wad guitar stuff next wk thats gonna take up more time. well perhaps this holiday wud be the first one in history where i manage to clear all my homework.. unless of cos in the likely event that im not gonna do that chinese book review.

i really miss youth camp.. had lots and lots of fun with my church friends.. but i think its my relationship with God that will ultimately pull me through all of life's circumstances.

yeap ok im gonna play guit now.. cya!


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