Sunday, June 04, 2006

here to blog again.. a few more posts b4 i leave for malaysia. leaving on 7th, coming back on 10th.

tml going out with yingda, mx, fattz. lol changed meeting time twice.. cos of chamber. haha. but nvm, we will met up anyway. just to talk.

but b4 that in the morning i hope to do a bit of MI media script for music. lol now for all of thaT segment.. compo, performance, MI, i feel rather rebellious. or defiant, in a strange way. maybe i shud just conform to something he gives us for once. then if we dun get 7 points.. lol. nah. i shall do the MI just the way he wants it.

made quite gd progress on 2nd compo.. the baroque style guitar concerto is coming on rather well.. albeit a bit short. its going to be around 5 minutes in total i think.. such a short concerto. maybe i shud lengthen the 1st mvt. but i'm totally broke on ideas for the last mvt.. my mind is a blank haha. shall continue that at a later date. stayed up on friday night (or rather sat morning) until 3, 4+ to do. phew.

slowly by slowly i'm being converted to classical music. its really changing me as a person..its different from pop music as there is a deeper meaning as the harmonic language without lyrics i feel is more ambigious and open to interpretation. the onli terrible thing i've heard so far was a lobos brasileria (how to spell?) which involved 8 cellos and a soprano. MAN. lol. other than that everything is really interesting. so far. haha.

well the only 4 real holidays are coming soon. then can really leave everything behind.. thoughts of sch, homework, not even going to bring my guitar. haha.

k then cya.


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