Tuesday, June 13, 2006

gah stress.

its the 3rd wk of holidays and theres stress.. whut?

i've got like something on for every day of the hols from now till the end of it.. all the guitar pracs, guitar camp, extra private lessons.. my most slack day wud prob be next monday and that wud be abt it. and my father is pressurising me to start studying already. well at least the number of 'studying subjects' has been reduced to 3, if u dun count music, english and chinese. but still.. physics and maths HL is one big bunch of crazy stuff.

going to sch tml for physics remedial. its so far in the middle of the hols that im kinda apprehensive that edwin wong will even remember that he arranged for this.. wud be quite disappointed if he dint show up.

many things clogging my mind now.. just wanna escape.

wanted to blog abt this ytd but i forgot abt it: saw this interesting scene when i was running along the park connector ytd.. an old man who looked about 60 was pushing his wheelchair bound wife while running along the park connector. wow. something to think about.

i have just inherited my sister's ipod nano cos my parents dun allow her to use it cos her ears get affected by earbud music or smth.. but thats not always a good thing cos the house is nvr quiet, with her blasting music on the com speakers the whole day. i feel so trapped at home. thats why i like to go to the park connector near my hse.. quieter.


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