Thursday, June 01, 2006

well i have never blogged 3 times in a day b4..

so for the record, heres the third post. cos i got something i want to blog about haha.

began work on compo 2 after finishing compo 1!! haha. spent lots of time reading up b4 i started.. even took a jog to think about the opening motif.

came back happily and keyed in the motif i thought of. managed to expand it to 16 bars and i was so happy until the final cadence. that was when i discovered that my bar-long motif had broken one of the unspoken rules: that the first note of the bar must not be the last note of the bar.

frustrated, i deleted the whole thing.

tml gotta go to sch for mock iop. dun really noe how to do an iop. just whack lah. i hope the class doesnt last too long.


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