Friday, June 23, 2006

back from guit camp.

well the exchange with plmgs guitar was so-so i guess. it was kinda like mep camp when everyone is still soooo shy and dun want to talk. well it all boils down to one thing i guess: maturity. something i dint really have when i was younger.. and still slowly developing. hahah u shud have seen one of the scenes at lunch day 1.. ms ng said everyone was to sit in their groups during lunch.. then can see both the plmgs and acs side sighing together. lolz.

the combined orchestra was more interesting.. cos total we had 80 guitarists on stage.. its really cool just looking at the number of people playing together. the power of sound is also nothing i've experienced b4.. so kool.

in terms of technique.. urh.. yeah thats mr gaspar's job... haha.

well but i think and hope the acs pple learnt something from the exchange programme.. which is the attitude towards the performing arts group. even tho we can play better so what.. whenever we have practice they're like uncontrollable sometimes. during debrief i also got to say something about true musicianship too. i really hope the orchestra changes for the better.. like back to the old days.

so. theres 2 more days b4 sch reopens.. and i dun intend to do any work.. maybe a bit of maths or physics tml nite.. but im going ktv and then sunday theres church. yup so im gonna enjoy the remnant of my hols b4 sch reopens. yeap. cya.


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