Wednesday, November 24, 2004

hello... here to brog again.. i wonder hu will be reading.. bren is away in NZ, fattz is at youth camp, so that leaves ermm... ZQ, yd, and mr pres of chamber. its ok its still a worthy audience. sorry i a bit lazy to post, but heres the report of my hol in phuket.

Day 1
morning went church, but my father tore his cornea so had to go see doctor. The doctor told him to go to A & E @ SGH.

the trip was cancelled.

i went to sleep and i remember feeling quite worried for him.

"Wake up! Wake up!"

"you've gotta be kidding."
apparently sleep seemed more impt to me than going on the trip at that time. the flight was at 4:45 and the doctor said it was ok for my father to go. i called taxi and we went to changi, then flew to phuket, thailand. flight TG 406

we met tony our guide and he brought us to our hotel, Club Andaman Beach Resort in Patong, Phuket. first nite so we dint noe wad to expect, so we walked around on the streets and got harrassed by pple trying to make us eat at their stalls. nt veri helpful considering my father's injury.

Day 2
buffet breakfast. oh yeah. aft that slacked arnd in the hotel then eat lunch, then left for the tour. my father couldnt come along cos his eye was hurting quite badly. awww

stop 1: elephant riding
a bit uncomfortable at first (both for ur butt and ur nose) but aft a while it became quite ok. 1/2h.

stop 2: shopping centre 1
stop 3: some sorta Jewelry museum
this is some giant museum where they keep lots of jewels, and u can also buy them. but ex larh. this is a stop for pricey souvenirs. NEXT.

stop 4: shopping centre 2
bought a pair of converse shoes for S$32. nt bad. also got some small stuff.

at nite had buffet dinner. wah its so GOOD lorh. almost everything was perfect lah. difficult to describe lah. ate like siao. hahahaha.

aft dinner went to pasar malam to blow the last 600 baht. its a pasar malam, and i dunno why the stuff there is so ex. and my mom and sis dunno how to bargain one lorh... haiyoh. *"shakes head* but i think there definitely was inflation in prices of (pirated) stuff. my sis bought a 'handmade' pencil case for S$4, bought a 'thai silk' bag for my grandma for S$9 (china can buy for four bucks) and a pair of medicine balls for S$8 o.O in chiangmai i bought my pair for four bucks. in china can buy 1 ball for like 50c.

Day 3
buffet breakfast. oh yeah. aft that slacked arnd in the hotel then left at 10:30 for airport. slack arnd airport (wah their service is ultra lag larh) then did some last minute snack shopping 15 minutes b4 boarding the plane, then left for sg.

3:30 arrive in sg. flight TG 405

4:30 reach home.

as u can see, i far prefer shopping to outdoor activities haha. but we also couldnt do too strenulous activities cos of my father's injuries, and the short journey.

yeah... 2.5 days wif no com, guitar, and pop music. the tv there also got like.. nothing. cartoon network doesnt work. mtv is in bahasa indo.

but other than taht quite ok larh. yeah. okz cya


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