Saturday, November 06, 2004

wad is my problem u ask.

i think i'm jus too free.

ok heres wad happened in point form.. easier to take in.

1) leave house wif the thai guitar and the piece of firewood at 5:15.
2) arrive @ Guitar Workshop, Bras Basah Complex #03- 09
3) sell them both to the guy for $150
4) walk to Davis Guitar at peninsula
5) buy a Samick Signature Series CT - 1CE/BK, designed by Greg Bennett, serial no. : S140713984 for $180

how bout that.

kk now the long long details. firstly, i feel a bit guilty for selling my both guits to him for $150. Guitar Workshop is actually quite a small shop at a corner of bras basah. saw their ad in the class ads this morning and called them up. the guy was like.. he took note of all the things i dint notice, and dint take notice abt all the things i was concerned abt. he was like.. "both guitars no scratches" me: ?!? "the yamaha one the action veri high (veri difficult to press)" me: ?!? haha. but hes a veri nice guy. thats y i feel guilty.. he works for his boss hu he says is "veri nice.. if it can be repaired he will buy it." so i contributed the first 2 classical guitars to his shop.

took a walk around swee lee.. and some other shop at bras basah.. but dint find a classical that cost btwn 150 - 200. so walked to davis @ peninsula. looked at their range of classical and asked to try a $180 one. turns out i liked it. haha. bought the first one i tried. i tell u.. at the shops when u are trying guitars they purposely make the lighting pathetic or smth... cos i dint realli feel any defects... until i came home. got a few damages to the fret board and the tuning machine. and there was a lot of buzzing. lol. i couldnt even spot a dent on the 3rd fret 5th string. blah. but the action is so low that the entire third fret buzzes.

after visiting guitar shops all over sg and even overseas, i find the smaller shops to have people of better character. maybe prob cos their business isnt as gd as other larger retailers and they need to grab at every opportunity. hmm. something to think abt.

anyway, the rest of this guitar is gd and gives quite a bright sound.. has an almost defect-less body surface... and its BLACK. hahahahaha.. i've always wanted a black coloured guitar. looks veri stylo, wif its white rosette and corners. oh, and it has an equaliser too. an equaliser allows it to be PLUGGED INTO AN AMP. that was the second thing i always wanted. actually in all, this guitar is all i ever wanted. lol. if onli its handiwork was a bit less shody. yeah.. but i'm happy. even so.. i cant find a pic of it.. but nvm nxt time when ya all come my hse u all can see. :P


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