Friday, November 19, 2004

Trinity College Examination Grade 6 Guitar 2004.

shall i estimate how much i get?
1. pieces. ok larh.. a few slip ups here and there.. but still ok. 50/60
2. scales. ok larh. the killer one was 2 octave g minor arpeggio in triplets. 11/15
3. sight reading. 4 sharps O.o well at least made it to the end. 6/10
4. Performance from memory. they edited the syllabus slightly, so that now u can play all 3 pieces from memory and they will divide the total number of mistakes by the number of pieces :PP 4/5
5. ear tests. say no more. 3/10 at the most.

est. total = 74/100

erm...... that aint exactly veri gd i think.. thats like a pass. merit is 80 i heard.. izzit?!? bah cant remember. hmm lets say the examiner was a bit more kind.. aiyah can lah :)

the examiner was quite a nice guy, and plump as usual. hahahah.. last yr's examiner was a lady and she was plump too. yeah. he was like.. 'thank you', 'thank you', 'thank you' after each of my responses, even the veri screwed up rhythm and melody recollection part. heheh.

well, this frees me from my self imprisonment of not playing any pieces other than those 3. it was jus over in 20 mins... so short. falling sick and so much stress for this.. not worth it. nvm nxt yr grade 8 or PF cert try diff strategy.

anyway, i must thank God for helping me thru this, altho so many times i have often forgotten him in all the stuff i do. so, Thank You God!!!


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